BioMethane-heating gas

Fortis is our natural gas supplier, and in British Columbia, Fortis has a program to collect methane from farms and inject it into the natural gas supply. As a subscriber, we can specify how much biomethane we choose to buy. Biomethane is green house gas neutral--it does not add to our green house gas emissions. 

​​​Stone Throw Studio

The studio runs on solar (100%) and biomethane (50%)

How do we do it ?

Solar energy

Our newest addition, a heat pump is being installed during the week of May 6th.  The studio has 116 solar panels on the roof, which has generated 99 megawatt hours of electricity since March of 2016. (Amazing--on the wet coast!! Enough to drive a Nissan Leaf  1,386,000 km--or about 70 years worth of driving) Electricity not used by the studio is sent back to the grid and purchased by BC Hydro at the retail price, one transaction per year. However, Hydro is now changing the rules, and will buy the electricity at their "spring wholesale price". Spring time matches the highest water flows, and the lowest wholesale prices. So, by putting in some more equipment, we hope to reduce the amount of electricity we send back to the grid. The goal is to have the studio 100% solar powered. This renovation will put us there.