​​​Stone Throw Studio

Solar energy heats and air conditions this space:

Our newest addition, a heat pump has been installed during the week of May 6th/19.  The studio has 116 solar panels on the roof, which has generated 101 megawatt hours of electricity since March of 2016. (Amazing--on the wet coast!! Enough to drive a Nissan Leaf  1,386,000 km--or about 70 years worth of driving) 100% solar powered studio. Come out--we even have a charger for your electric car. 

The studio runs on 100% solar and when it is below -10 deg C : biomethane (50%)

How do we do it ?

BioMethane-heating gas

 Fortis is our natural gas supplier, and in British Columbia, Fortis has a program to collect methane from farms and inject it into the natural gas supply. As a subscriber, we can specify how much biomethane we choose to buy. Biomethane is green house gas neutral--it does not add to our green house gas emissions. When the temperature falls below -10 deg. C, we will use natural gas to supplement our heating. (Hopefully this won't happen to often ! )