​​​Stone Throw Studio

Studying the Nia technique helped my skiing tremendously. I started in September, took Nia classes twice a week, and my first ski day in November  2017 felt like I had already been skiing for half a season. Thanks, Suzanne

--Bob M., 

I took a delightful NIA class from Suzanne Oliver at her Stone Throw Studio in the Delta, Vancouver, BC, Canada area. She is delight-filled and makes dance easy and fun. If you're a "non-dancer" or just want some easy movement joy I recommend her highly. She will make you laugh!!!" 


Margie Gillis, OC CQ is a Canadian solo dancer and choreographer

Nia for me works in several ways. First of all, it’s a good aerobic and flexibility workout that you can take to the level you wish, that is actually a great deal of fun! I never wake up on a Nia class day and think- 'Oh I’m not up to that today….’ I know I can just dance floatingly through on a ‘tired’ day, or go for it and come out sweat-soaked and thoroughly exercised on a high-energy day (love the martial arts segments), as I wish. In either case i will feel better and happy after class.
Second, done barefoot, it has proved to be a great technique to build back injury and declining fitness problems like fallen arches and difficulty getting up from a crouch, improve core strength and restore the sense of balance. Myself, my husband and other 60 plus Nia friends have noticed that we never skied better than after a few weeks of Nia classes. I’m back in the bumps with the grandkids! 
And then there is the brain and ‘creativity skills’ workout. Frequent direction changes and cross-body movements in the routines get the brain cells firing, and adding your own tweaks to the routine is encouraged, not to mention the joy of 'dancing up a storm' in free-dance moments. 

And it’s all just playing!

Alisa W.