Studying the Nia technique helped my skiing tremendously. I started in September, took Nia classes twice a week, and my first ski day in November  2017 felt like I had already been skiing for half a season. Thanks, Suzanne

--Bob M., 

I've been doing NIA for a number of years now with Suzanne. I bring to classes a long-time and continuing practice of yoga and a life time experience as a serious musician. NIA ( and Suzanne ) bring the two together in a remarkable way. Attention to the rhythms, shapes, gestures, the phrasing, the soulful expression and the vital and structural nature of my body in the dance studio are all things that nurture an awareness for me on many levels that I take out into the world and apply, especially in my work as a pianist and piano teacher-

Garth Preston, Pianist and Educator

After recently having 2 daughters, I have found NIA dance classes with Suzanne to be the most effective way to connect me back to my body...especially my core. The strength NIA has given me both physically and emotionally carries me throughout my day so I can support the people in my life that need me the most. 

-Michelle Miller 

​​​Stone Throw Studio

I took a delightful NIA class from Suzanne Oliver at her Stone Throw Studio in the Delta, Vancouver, BC, Canada area. She is delight-filled and makes dance easy and fun. If you're a "non-dancer" or just want some easy movement joy I recommend her highly. She will make you laugh!!!" 


Margie Gillis, OC CQ is a Canadian solo dancer and choreographer

Nia for me works in several ways. First of all, it’s a good aerobic and flexibility workout that you can take to the level you wish, that is actually a great deal of fun! I never wake up on a Nia class day and think- 'Oh I’m not up to that today….’ I know I can just dance floatingly through on a ‘tired’ day, or go for it and come out sweat-soaked and thoroughly exercised on a high-energy day (love the martial arts segments), as I wish. In either case i will feel better and happy after class.
Second, done barefoot, it has proved to be a great technique to build back injury and declining fitness problems like fallen arches and difficulty getting up from a crouch, improve core strength and restore the sense of balance. Myself, my husband and other 60 plus Nia friends have noticed that we never skied better than after a few weeks of Nia classes. I’m back in the bumps with the grandkids! 
And then there is the brain and ‘creativity skills’ workout. Frequent direction changes and cross-body movements in the routines get the brain cells firing, and adding your own tweaks to the routine is encouraged, not to mention the joy of 'dancing up a storm' in free-dance moments. 

And it’s all just playing!

Alisa W.